12 Ways to Use AI to Make $5000+ Per Month

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Are you intrigued by the potential of technology to boost your income? In today’s rapidly advancing world, using AI to generate income has become more than a possibility; it’s a reality.

This guide will explore 11 ways you can harness artificial intelligence to make $5000+ per month, turning futuristic concepts into tangible profits. I’ll also go over how difficult each method is, how passive it is for making money, and the estimated profit potential from each.

But hold on! This isn’t just a realm for tech gurus or Wall Street whizzes. Nope, and aside from being a present day goldrush, it’s also something that everyday people like you and me, can utilize to make little (or a lot) of extra cash. And it’s as accessible as ordering your favorite burger online.

When it comes to innovative ways to rake in over $5000 a month, AI is whole new era of ideas, I don’t want to oversell it but it’s hard not to stress the importance of AI. It will be looked back upon in the future as something as revolutionary as the internet. I honestly believe that it will change the world and completely change the way people work (for better and worse). Many industries will take advantage of AI and many jobs will be replaced. The stance that I’m taking is that while I don’t know for sure how the future with AI will look, there is no way to stop it, and I’m going to use it to my advantage to make as much money as possible while I still can.

And the cool thing about using AI is doesn’t require a PhD in computer science to use, nor does it need you to quit your day job. You can dive in any time, and work as much or as little as you like.

Now, you might be thinking, “$5000? That’s a serious chunk of change!” You’re not wrong. But the beauty of using AI is that it’s not just about working hard, it’s about working smart. It’s a side hustle, supercharged. Some are making a casual $100 a day while others are soaring beyond the $1000 mark. And the best part? They’re doing it from the comfort of their living rooms.

Unlike traditional jobs that often come with a lengthy list of prerequisites, AI offers a low barrier of entry. You don’t need years of experience or a stack of certifications. Almost anyone can tap into this thriving industry.

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Whether you’re a tech newbie or an AI aficionado, there’s a place for you in this revolutionary wave. The future is here, and it’s shining brightly with dollar signs. And the best time to get started is yesterday. The future of work in a world of AI is a mystery.

So let’s dive in, and I’ll help turn those digital dreams into cold, hard cash!

12 Ways to Use AI to Make $5000+ Per Month

1. AI Print On Demand

Print-On-Demand is an industry that is currently booming due to the advances in AI technology. You can get a piece of this action by starting your own online shop with something like Shopify, or starting an Etsy shop to test the waters before getting more advanced.

AI makes this business idea exponentially easier than it used to be by essentially automating the design process aside from some manual intervention and photo editing here and there. The options for starting a POD business are endless from selling custom products like t-shirts, mugs, phone cases, to more advanced things like custom board games, 3d printed objects, and even automotive parts!

AI tools like Midjourney, ChatGPT, EverBee, and Leonardo AI remove the manual effort in trend analysis and design creation, leading to a much more efficient and streamlined process, which = more $$$.

  • Skill Level: Intermediate – Some understanding of design, photo editing, and ecommerce platforms is helpful.
  • Difficulty: Easy/Medium – Setting up a POD business is pretty straightforward as long as you have some basic computer knowledge, but getting customers can be a little more difficult. You need an eye for what looks good and should have some design and marketing skills. AI makes this so much easier, but you still need the basics to succeed.
  • Startup Cost: Low/Medium – POD Businesses have a relatively low barrier to entry. Web hosting for a shop (unless you do something like Etsy) and software is one of the main costs, along with the subscriptions costs that most good AI tools have eg. Midjourney and ChatGPT Plus.
  • Passive Rating: $$$ – Once set up, the process can be highly automated, requiring minimal day-to-day intervention.
  • Estimated Profit Potential: $$$ – The profitability depends on the demand and quality of the designs. By staying ahead of trends and automating the design process, there’s potential for substantial income. Taking advantage of this business idea ASAP is important as AI will continue making it’s presence known in industries such as this.
  • You Should Know: Shopify and other e-commerce platforms have started integrating AI tools into their systems, allowing sellers to automatically create designs based on trending topics and styles.

2. Content Creation Using AI (Niche Websites & Blogging)

AI tools are incredible for making content creation, optimizing niche websites, and affiliate marketing a piece of cake.

Everything from content planning, brainstorming, drafting identify profitable niches and keywords, and even optimize affiliate links and promotions.

  • Skill Level: Intermediate – Familiarity with content creation, website development, affiliate marketing, and basic AI concepts is beneficial.
  • Difficulty: Moderate – Integrating AI requires some technical knowledge, but various platforms and tools are available to streamline the process.
  • Passive Rating: $$$ – AI can handle many aspects autonomously once set up, including content creation (rough drafts), SEO, and affiliate marketing management, though occasional monitoring is necessary.
  • Estimated Profit Potential: $$$$ – The synergy of AI with content creation, niche websites, and affiliate marketing can result in significant revenue increases.
  • You Should Know: Top affiliate marketers and niche website owners are using AI for everything from content writing to link optimization, resulting in higher engagement rates and conversion efficiencies.

3. Using AI to Personalize Your Marketing

AI tools marketing tools like those that are built in to MailChimps email marketing platform act like a super-smart assistant that knows what your customers like and dislike. By analyzing these preferences, AI can help you craft messages and offers that each customer will find most appealing. This level of personalization can greatly increase your chances of making a sale.

While this isn’t something that you can just start from scratch and make $5000 / month, if you already have a business up and running with some traction, using marketing tools can make an enormous impact on your profit potential and give you that added boost you’re looking for.

  • Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced – You already need to have a business running to really make use of this. Also some understanding of marketing is beneficial, and a dash of knowledge about AI and data analytics can be helpful.
  • Difficulty: Moderate – Slightly Challenging – You’ll need access to the tools to implement AI in your marketing, but with these tools, it’s manageable. You don’t however, have to be a tech guru.
  • Passive Rating: $$ – You’ll need to check in and make adjustments occasionally, but much of the process can run on its own once set up.
  • Estimated Profit Potential: $$$$ – The more you can tailor your messages and offers to individual customer tastes, the higher your profit potential is likely to be.
  • You Should Know: A remarkable 91% of shoppers are more likely to buy from brands that offer personalized, relevant deals and recommendations. So, mastering this technique could be a major key to building customer loyalty and boosting sales.

4. Creating AI Art and Selling Online

The combination of having AI image generators and AI text generators that are at the level that they’ve now reached has opened up some completely new avenues for business with one of the most popular being selling AI art creations. This differs from starting a print on demand business in that you really hone your skills at generating quality and unique AI art to the point that people want to be these creations.

  • Skill Level: Intermediate – Understanding how to use AI tools for art creation that goes further than simple prompts is required, but traditional art skills are not necessarily needed.
  • Difficulty: Medium – Mastering the tools and creating things that everyone else isn’t creating might require more learning, but it is a skill that just comes with practice and experience using the tools.
  • Passive Rating: $$ – Regular creation and promotion of art may be required, but it can also be somewhat automated.
  • Estimated Profit Potential: $$$ – With the rising interest in AI-generated art, there is substantial profit potential, especially when targeting niche markets.
  • Engaging Fact: The auction of an AI-generated artwork called “Portrait of Edmond de Belamy” at Christie’s New York fetched a staggering $432,500. While this was mostly due to being one of the first pieces of AI art back in 2018, it shows that there is a market and demand for this art.

5. AI Enhanced Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment model that has become a go-to for many budding entrepreneurs aiming to make money online. It allows you to outsource the shipping and handling of inventory, letting you focus more on product selection and marketing. AI technologies can elevate your dropshipping business by optimizing product selection, automating customer service, and implementing dynamic pricing strategies.

  • Skill Level: Beginner – Basic familiarity with dropshipping and e-commerce platforms is beneficial but not mandatory.
  • Difficulty: Moderate – Implementing AI tools can be done without coding skills, thanks to specialized software like those offered by Intelligence Node.
  • Passive Rating: $$$ – Once set up, AI can automate many aspects of the business, making it largely passive.
  • Estimated Profit Potential: $$$$ – The sky is the limit, but it’s best to taper your expectations and just work hard and not set expectations to lofty.
  • You Should Know: According to Yahoo Finance, the global dropshipping market is expected to be worth 349 Billion USD by 2024.

6. AI Voice Over for Video Production

Video content is a powerful medium for attracting audiences and monetizing online platforms. If you’re new to video content creation, the complexities of audio production can be a huge hurdle. AI voice-over technology simplifies this by providing high-quality narration that can make your videos more engaging and professional, thereby increasing viewer retention and ad revenue.

  • Skill Level: Beginner – You don’t need any audio editing skills; AI voice-over software is generally user-friendly.
  • Difficulty: Easy – With a good script and the right AI tool, you can create polished voice overs in a fraction of the time it would take manually.
  • Passive Rating: $$ – While the initial setup requires effort, the ease of using AI for voice overs allows you to produce more content, potentially increasing your earnings.
  • Estimated Profit Potential: $$$ – Enhanced video quality leads to better viewer engagement, higher SEO rankings, and ultimately, more advertising and affiliate revenue.
  • You Should Know: AI-generated voices have become so advanced that some YouTube channels employ them exclusively for narration, enjoying high levels of viewer engagement and profitability. When it comes to YouTube and being eligible for monetization with narration like this it has to be used in a way that is high quality and makes the content more enjoyable and helpful, so with bettering technology, the more likely the chances that YouTube will see it as being an acceptable addition to your content.

7. Developing AI-Based Games and Apps

The mobile app and gaming industry is booming and has been for quite a while, with lots of new opportunities arising from it. For those just starting, the technical barrier can seem high.

AI simplifies the game and app development process by giving you hands-on help every step of the way. To the point where someone with basic understandings of coding can develop something that can make it onto the app store.

ChatGPT is a tremendous help with this. Just ask it step-by-step what you need to do. If a task is too difficult ask it to break it down and explain the process as much as you need!

how to use ai to make an app
Using ChatGPT to make a basic android app that you can get on the Google Play store.

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate – Basic understanding of app development and AI concepts can be helpful but isn’t mandatory and you can learn along the way.

Difficulty: Moderate – Using AI can streamline many processes, but understanding the initial setup and integration of codebases can take some time.

Passive Rating: $$ – Although development requires substantial initial work, ongoing maintenance and improvements are facilitated by AI.

Estimated Profit Potential: $$$$ – Mobile games and apps have huge earning potentials, especially when optimized with AI for enhanced user experience and engagement.

You Should Know: AI-powered recommendation systems in mobile games can increase in-game purchases by up to 30%, leading to a substantial boost in revenue.

8. Offering Social Media Management Services

Starting your own social media management service is an excellent entry point into the digital marketing landscape. With the assistance of AI tools, you can automate posting schedules, analyze user engagement, and even predict trends to make data-driven strategies.

Skill Level: Beginner – No pre-existing online presence is required; however, a basic understanding of AI tools and social media platforms will set you apart.

Difficulty: Moderate – Managing multiple clients and platforms is easier with AI analytics and automation tools.

Passive Rating: $$ – AI can automate much of the repetitive work, allowing for a more hands-off approach once set up.

Estimated Profit Potential: $$$ – Leveraging AI tools can enable you to manage more clients efficiently, increasing your revenue potential.

You Should Know: Job growth for social media management is expected to grow 10% between now an 2028 according to Zippia.

9. Automated Financial Planning Services

Join the booming world of fintech by offering automated financial planning services. AI can empower your services by providing personalized investment advice, budgeting algorithms, and risk assessments, without requiring a degree in finance.

  • Skill Level: Intermediate – A basic understanding of finance and AI will be useful.
  • Difficulty: Moderate – Thanks to AI-driven financial tools, the technical barriers to entry are lower than ever.
  • Passive Rating: $$$ – With AI algorithms handling the bulk of analysis and planning, your involvement can be minimal after setup.
  • Estimated Profit Potential: $$$$ – Automated financial planning services are in high demand and can command premium pricing.
  • You Should Know: According to a report by PwC, 77% of financial institutions are increasing internal efforts to innovate through AI, demonstrating the sector’s move towards automation and tech-driven solutions.

10. AI-Generated Music Composition

If you’re musically inclined and want to venture into the realm of composition, AI tools like AIVA and Amper Music can give you a significant edge.

These platforms can generate unique melodies and even full compositions based on your inputs. They help you turn creative ideas into polished pieces, allowing you to offer custom music composition services.

This can be lucrative, especially if you target industries like film, advertising, or video games, where high-quality, original music is always in demand.

  • Skill Level: Advanced – Knowledge of musical theory and composition will greatly aid in utilizing AI tools effectively.
  • Difficulty: Moderate – The software takes care of the heavy lifting, but you’ll need to guide it with your creative vision.
  • Passive Rating: $$ – Once you’ve created a piece, it can continue to earn royalties, but it’s not as ‘set and forget’ as other methods.
  • Estimated Profit Potential: $$$ – The ability to produce high-quality compositions quickly can result in lucrative contracts.
  • You Should Know: The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) has begun to recognize AI-generated music, indicating a shift in the industry’s acceptance of AI tools.

11. AI-Based Real Estate Market Analysis

Incorporating AI tools like Zillow’s Zestimate or Redfin’s algorithms can give your real estate market analysis a competitive edge.

These tools use machine learning to evaluate property values, market trends, and other factors, empowering you to offer unique insights as a consultant or an investor.

This is especially valuable in the high-stakes world of real estate where the right investment can lead to significant returns.

  • Skill Level: Intermediate – Familiarity with real estate concepts and basic machine learning techniques is beneficial.
  • Difficulty: Moderate – Many tools and platforms simplify the process, but understanding market dynamics and configuring models for accurate predictions might require some expertise.
  • Passive Rating: $$ – Once set up, the AI system can provide continuous valuable insights with minimal effort.
  • Estimated Profit Potential: $$$$ – High returns are possible with smarter investment decisions.
  • You Should Know: Zillow’s machine learning algorithms achieve a median error rate of just 2% in top markets, highlighting the accuracy and utility of AI in real estate.

12. Automated Video Editing with AI Tools

Harness the power of AI-driven video editing tools like RunwayML and Lumen5 to create compelling video content effortlessly.

These platforms use machine learning to automate tasks such as cutting, splicing, and adding effects, freeing you to focus on the creative aspect of video creation.

Runway specifically is on the cutting edge of AI video technology with their latest tool ‘Runway Gen-2” allowing you to create video from a simple text prompt similar to how you can with Midjourney or other AI image generations applications. The technology still has a long way to go, but its importance in the future of video creation is undeniable.

Whether you’re creating videos for your YouTube channel, social media, or client projects, leveraging AI tools in video editing can save you time and elevate the quality of your output, increasing your earning potential substantially.

  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate – You don’t need to be a video editing guru; basic understanding of content creation is sufficient.
  • Difficulty: Easy to Moderate – The AI tools simplify many aspects of video editing, and even creation but a keen eye for quality is beneficial.
  • Passive Rating: $$$ – Once you’ve set your preferences, these AI tools can save you hours per project, enabling more content creation and income streams.
  • Estimated Profit Potential: $$$ – Video content is in high demand, and automated video editing can increase your output, thereby increasing potential earnings.
  • You Should Know: According to Getty Images, 88% of marketers found video to be the most valuable format for social media advertisements.

Final Thoughts

In a digital landscape that is increasingly being shaped by AI, leveraging this technology can be a game-changer for earning online.

We just went over 12 ways you can make use of AI to help you generate $5000+ per month in revenue, but the possibilities and the levels that you can take these ideas are limitless.

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, integrating AI tools into your online business can significantly boost both efficiency and profits.

Like I said, don’t miss out on using AI while you still can, who knows how good it will become and how many jobs it will replace in the future; start capitalizing on AI’s potential today.

Enjoyed the read? Got something to add? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Drop a comment below and don’t forget to share the article with anyone who could benefit from these AI-powered money-making methods.

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