How To Use Chat GPT To Brainstorm Blog Ideas ( + Prompts)

how to use chatgpt to brainstorm blog post ideas

Have you ever wondered how to use ChatGPT to brainstorm blog ideas that are actually worth writing on? If you are someone that is in a creative rut or just needs some extra ideas to get the ball rolling when writing blog posts, utilizing AI can be incredibly effective for brainstorming some perfect ideas for your next blog post!

Today that is exactly what I’m going to show you how to do. I’ll also be including example prompts so that you can get started on the right path quickly and more easily!

So let’s get into it. This is how you can make ChatGPT your ultimate content creation brainstorming cheat code and be on your way to making more money online as soon as possible.

What Is ChatGPT-4?

ChatGPT-4 is the latest AI chat model created by Open AI. You can chat with it just like you would with a real person, and it’ll shoot back answers based on all the stuff it’s learned.

If this is your first time hearing about it, think of it as having a conversation with a friend who seems to know a little bit about everything. It can be your personal phone-a-friend that can give you answers on almost any topic.

As you can imagine, this has numerous incredible uses for blog writing, with brainstorming being just one of those many uses.

Why Use AI for Brainstorming?

how to use chatgpt to brainstorm blog ideas

Because it can make brainstorming and writing exponentially easier. It’s like having a room of experts that you can ask questions to at will 24/7.

When it comes to brainstorming specifically, it can help you generate fresh ideas, offer perspectives you might not have considered, and even predict upcoming trends in your niche.

How To Access ChatGPT-4

The easiest way to access ChatGPT is to head over to the ChatGPT web interface and sign up.

You can then login from there and gain access to the free version of ChatGPT which is ChatGPT-3.5 which you can use instead of GPT-4, but for the best results ChatGPT-4 is recommended.

You will need to upgrade to ChatGPT Plus from that page to gain access to GPT-4.

Once you have signed up you can just bookmark this link to quickly get to the ChatGPT chatbot interface which you can then prompt for answers to any of your questions.

Identifying Your Niche and Target Audience

Before jumping into brainstorming, you need a clear vision of your niche and audience. If you already have your blog set up then you can skip this step and move on to the next.

If you have not yet selected a niche, read our guide on how to choose a niche for your blog and then come back to this article.

How to Use ChatGPT-4 for Brainstorming

Now, onto the fun part! Here’s how to use ChatGPT to brainstorm blog ideas:

Step 1: Begin with a Broad Inquiry

At this point you’ve know what niche your blog is. Now you will want to choose a topic that you might want to write on within that niche.

If you don’t know what topic you want to write on ask ChatGPT ‘What are some highly searched topics in [Your Niche]?’. Then when you’ve found a broad topic idea prompt ChatGPT with something such as:

  • ‘What are some commonly searched questions in [Your Niche]?’
  • ‘Tell me about the latest trends in [Your Niche].’
  • ‘What would beginners want to know about [Your Niche]?’
  • ‘What are the most important things to know in [Your Niche]?’

Step 2: Narrow Down with Specific Prompts

Once you’ve gotten a broad topic idea that you like, drill a little further into it.

Here are some prompt ideas:

  • ‘What are five unique angles to write about [Specific Subject]?’
  • ‘Can you summarize the top searches in [Your Niche] right now?’
  • ‘Give me a topic cluster for [Specific Subject] and create a series of posts that I can interlink along with title ideas of each blog post in the series’
  • ‘Give me 5 potential blog post titles relating to [Specific Subject]’

Step 3: Explore Different Perspectives

If you’d like to go even further, ask ChatGPT to give you some varying perspectives on a topic that you are interested in writing on.

Try prompts like:

  • ‘What would beginners want to know about [Specific Topic]?’
  • ‘How would an expert approach [Specific Topic]?’

Step 4: See Examples of Existing Ideas For Inspiration

If you want concrete examples or supporting data to spark inspiration on your topic, simply ask for it:

  • “Can you provide examples of popular blog posts about [Specific Subject]?”
  • “What are some statistics related to [Specific Subject]?”

Step 5: Play Devil’s Advocate

Challenge ChatGPT with counter-arguments or unconventional ideas to develop further ideas that might not often be explored:

  • ‘What are some criticisms of [Specific Approach] in [Your Niche]?’
  • ‘How might someone argue against [Common Belief] in [Your Field]?’
  • ‘What are some questions that skeptics might ask on [Specific Subject]?’

Step 6: Take Notes and Reflect

As you chat, jot down ideas, insights, and inspiration. This will be the raw material for your blog posts and give you a bank of ideas that you can then draw from when deciding to write on a topic.

Step 7: Don’t Hesitate to Experiment

Feel free to stray from these prompts and experiment with your inquiries. The key is engaging in a dynamic and responsive conversation with ChatGPT.

If you are questioning anything at all along the way, or wondering about something, keep asking questions to the chatbot in ChatGPT. It’s incredible the amount you can learn on a topic that you might already have some knowledge in as you are researching for ideas on your topics.

Step 8: Review and Organize

Once you’ve gathered a good amount of ideas, take the time to review and organize them and get rid of any ideas you might no longer like.

If you’re unsure on topics or how to structure a blog post or a series of posts on the subject you are considering, copy that information into ChatGPT and ask it how best to do those things giving the information you’ve gathered.

Summary on Brainstorming With AI

If you take anything away from this blog post, it’s that even brainstorming with ChatGPT can be an iterative process and you can and should just ask your way out of any struggles that you have along the way.

You can extend this idea out to not just brainstorming blog post ideas, but anything you might have questions on. Want to know how you can use AI to make money? Simply ask it that. You’ll be surprised at all the information you can pick up along the way!

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