Why You Should Use Self-Hosted WordPress As A Blogging Platform

Why I Recommend Wordpress For A Blogging Platform

When it comes to choosing a blogging platform, I’ve found that a self-hosted WordPress blog is likely still going to be the best option. I’ve tried other stuff over the years, but WordPress stands out as the most flexible and user-friendly solution, plain and simple.

Here are a few reasons why I think it is still the best choice for most people.

Easy Setup and Deployment

One of the biggest advantages of WordPress is how quick and easy it is to get started.

Getting a self-hosted WordPress site up and running is a relatively simple process – you just need to secure a domain name and web hosting, and you’re pretty much all set. Many web hosts include a simple, 1-click installation process that makes this process painless.

When compared to another blogging platform that I do like which is Ghost, I find that Ghost is simple once it is set up but it is a little difficult to find a compatible web host and initially get it set up.

Performance and Optimization

Out of the box, WordPress is well-optimized for performance. It is not as fast as Ghost, but it is fast enough.

The one caveat to this is that you must not go overboard with plugins. The more plugins that you have, the slower your website will be, and there are a ton of reasons why you do not want a slow website.

Customization Capabilities

While WordPress does have good theming capabilities right out of the box, the real strength lies in its versatility. If you want to customize the look, feel, and functionality of your site, WordPress gives you complete control.

This is a big strength over many of the alternatives out there. Ghost, Wix, Squarespace, Medium, and all of the managed blog platforms out there lose major points in my opinion because of this.

Beginner-Friendly Yet Scalable

The WordPress dashboard and content management system is intuitive for beginners to grasp. However, it’s also a powerful platform that can scale as your blog and technical skills grow over time. You’re never “outgrowing” WordPress.

As for other platforms, they each have their own use cases, but I’ve found them limiting for my blogging needs:

  • Blogger is fine for casual hobbyist blogs but lacks customization options
  • Medium has a great writing experience but you don’t truly own your content
  • Website builders like Squarespace and Wix look slick but are expensive with paywalled features
  • Ghost is great but is focused more on blogging and blogging alone. If you decide to open an ecommerce shop down the road, you can easily do that with WordPress

Ultimately, a self-hosted WordPress blog gives you the right blend of ease-of-use, flexibility, and control that I believe is the perfect balance, especially if you are looking at this in terms of niche blogging and blogging with making money in mind.

It’s not necessarily the right choice for everyone, but it checks all the boxes for my blogging requirements.

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