What Are Commercial Keywords? Learn To Take Advantage of These Today

What are commercial keywords and why do they matter - Earnings Engineer

Hey there, SEO aficionados and niche site entrepreneurs! Today, let’s finish off our series on the different types of keyword intents and talk about the final piece to the group – commercial keywords.

If you think you’ve already got a grasp on navigational, informational and transactional keywords and you’re looking for another way to get highly targeted, ready to purchase traffic to your blog, commercial keywords might be your golden ticket.

For those of you that are serious about getting your niche blog to make you money stay tuned.

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What Are Commercial Keywords?

Think of commercial keywords as the “just looking” phase in the buyer’s journey. These keywords often indicate that someone is on the brink of making a purchase but still in the process of comparison shopping.

Terms often associated with commercial keywords include “best,” “compare,” “top,” “review,” or “alternative.” These type of blog posts are common in niche sites because people are always searching for them before they buy something.

Why Do Commercial Keywords Matter?

When people search using commercial keywords, they’re usually in the decision-making phase, considering different options before making a purchase.

This means they’re highly engaged and are more likely to click through to read reviews, compare products, and yes – possibly make a purchase from your site.

And since that’s exactly what we are looking for, you really don’t want to miss out on these ready-to-engage users.

Identifying the Right Commercial Keywords for Your Niche

So, how do you get started on the commercial keyword treasure hunt?

Glad you asked.

Here are some quick and easy steps:

Find what your target audience is interested in

Know what your target audience is interested in. Use tools like Semrush or Google keyword planner to find what else people are searching for when they are searching for keywords relating to your content.

If you don’t wanna use these tools just go straight to Google search and search for something that you are targeting with your content. There will be a section in the search results called “People also ask:” go through these questions to find out what else these people are searching.

Analyze your competitors in the SERPs

Don’t ignore your competitors; they’re your hidden mentors. Analyze their top-performing keywords to find those golden commercial keywords they’re ranking for.

Practical Examples of Commercial Keywords

Let’s say you’re in the niche of fitness equipment. Some commercial keywords might be:

  • “Best treadmills for home use”
  • “Compare yoga mats”
  • “Top 5 exercise bikes 2023”

These keywords not only drive organic traffic but also position your site as an authority on the subject, encouraging clicks and possibly leading to higher conversion rates.

Final Thoughts on Commercial Keywords

Commercial keywords are your secret weapon for capturing high-intent traffic ready to make a decision.

Unlike transactional keywords, which target people ready to buy, or informational keywords aimed at people just looking for information, commercial keywords bridge that gap, targeting users who are ripe for a nudge in the right direction – towards your products or services.

So, give your niche site that organic boost it needs by incorporating commercial keywords into your SEO strategy.

And as always, let me know how it goes!

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